Website Update!


After publishing a bunch of new stories, it was high time I updated my website. If you want a one stop shop for all of my work, this is the place to go. I can’t believe how many I’d missed but it’s all there now; including the forthcoming “Dahlia: Part One.” Feel free to check it out!

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Scariest Thing About Being A Writer

It could be waiting to hear back about a submission, it could be editing, or it could be the horror of a blank page accompanied by a complete lack of ideas. But the fear I’ve been dealing with lately is this:



See those dates? Unreal… >_<

Those are two paranormal romances I’m working on right now. Short ones I can edit fast and sell for a buck or two but WOW. I sure am taking fucking forever to finish them. 9_9

So, where once I had them in my Google Drive to just pick at whenever, I have printed them out and I’m gonna go at them wholesale. I’m sorta stuck in First Brood 3 and I’m avoiding the formatting on Brood 2 (because we hatezez it…) so there’s no excuse not to get SOMETHING done, right?

Right. 🙂

Giving up: Knowing When To Throw In The Towel

I have finished the rough draft for one anthology entry and I’m 7 written pages into the second. However, I have come to realize there is no way I will get to finish both of them in time to submit. They are both due on the 24th, one is 1,200 words and needs to be 5,000 and the other needs to be 10,000 and I am no where near that.

So, I give up.

I will write both but instead of submitting two crappy manuscripts which will absolutely get rejected, I can focus on the short one, get it all perty like, and finish the other one at my leisure. And who knows? Maybe the stars will align and I will finish both to submission quality. And maybe the unicorns who live in my closet will cry tears of liquid silver and I will sell it to pay off my mortgage. :p

It is a pretty big closet…

This is a hard lesson for me to learn and it’s one I’ve had to learn more than once: You can’t do EVERYTHING, and you don’t HAVE to. Anything I don’t finish by the deadline, I can polish myself and put together as an anthology. Just because I can’t have them all traditionally published doesn’t mean they will languish unread on my flash drive. Some will even be on my site, as well. ^_^

Are you excited? Because I am. Excited and proud at getting so much done, even if it isn’t all on time. 😉

Dayjob Hazards

I am both revered and reviled by the general pubic. I have been made to smile and made to cry.

But today was a first: I was asked out on a date. I’ve been hit on before (one guy still comes in and checks to see if I’m still married) but flat being asked on a date was very new. I very diplomatically told the nice man I usually go to lunch with my husband.

Gosh it’s so hard being so hawt! XD

It really makes me wonder where the librarian fantasy came from. There really aren’t many writer fantasies. "Secret Window" does NOT count… Even though I could stare at Johnny Depp forever, his character is the quintessential writer stereotype: Unwashed, nap driven, chip eating, couch lumps who sit at the computer every so often to churn out a few pages to line the shelves of your Barnes and Noble.

While I work out how librarians got to be smexy, I also need to see if we can make writing sexy. Something other than a relationship or sex advice columnist for a magazine. I must have seen that plot on the back of a dozen romance/erotica/there-is-a-thin-plot-between-sex-scenes books. How do we change the image of the quintessential writer?

Aaahhh, and I see Epic Fail has not given up yet. I am seriously considering launching a campaign to take every one of Shyamalan’s ideas and re-write them. When I was active on Twilight Sucks, they had a Twilight series re-write. I see no reason not to do the same here. >}

I am eevviill… Maybe that’s why I keep getting hit on. XD