Scariest Thing About Being A Writer

It could be waiting to hear back about a submission, it could be editing, or it could be the horror of a blank page accompanied by a complete lack of ideas. But the fear I’ve been dealing with lately is this:



See those dates? Unreal… >_<

Those are two paranormal romances I’m working on right now. Short ones I can edit fast and sell for a buck or two but WOW. I sure am taking fucking forever to finish them. 9_9

So, where once I had them in my Google Drive to just pick at whenever, I have printed them out and I’m gonna go at them wholesale. I’m sorta stuck in First Brood 3 and I’m avoiding the formatting on Brood 2 (because we hatezez it…) so there’s no excuse not to get SOMETHING done, right?

Right. 🙂

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