I should be back to a regular posting schedule very soon. Not this week because my hubby’s birthday is this weekend and if I’m caught with a pen in my hand on "his time" there’ll be hell to pay. Have no fear; he has to sleep some time. >}

The first few words have been written for my entry into the Writer’s of the Future contest. I have all of one sentence so far as I type this and I might as well be standing up on stage naked as the buzzards circle me for pickings. I know I should do it because the chance for a win, and a win would be a huge boost for my writing "career" (in quotes because I like my day job and intend to keep it even if that means having a grand total of five fans).

If anything, I should loot at this as a chance to work with characters I’ve had in my head for YEARS, yet never took the chance to write about them till now. Granted, having yet another unfinished project looming around (quick mental guess: 4-5 with 3 more in my head or jotted down in my idea books) but I can’t pass up the opportunity to work on something other than my vampires. I love them so very much (too much, perhaps?) but there is so much more in my head. It all should come out.

It’s going to be interesting to see how when I have a full time job, husband, and side shop to worry about. Yes, I am tired all the time. :p

Better get to it then! Till next time! 🙂

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