Makin the effort

The mythical "They" says I must blog every day to be a success. So, the Lenni has a couple questions: What kinds of things would you all like to read from me every day? Do YOU blog every day? Would endless complaints about how the blank pages mock me or how Open Office fucks up the formatting in my Word 2007 files? Do you want to hear a library rant every so often? Cause I got plenty of those. XD

Ya’ll gotta let the Lenni know, people. I do enjoy the occasional personal question but I reserve the right not to answer. (Bwahaha!)

Anyways, on to writing type news. There are day to day activities that tend to inspire me to write different things. Weeding and collection development are two of those things. Looking for books on certain subjects usually exposes gaps in subject matters that I never would have thought to write about.

I tend towards fiction. You can fact check elements of fiction (yes, I have been fact checked) but on the whole the "make shit up" aspect tends to leave me free of reality’s constraints. But every so often, I get a bug up my ass to write non-fiction. This time, it’s particularly strong. Like, "I have half an outline in my head already," strong. Should I go for it? I mean really? I should post a tally of my current projects to make this question a bit meatier… XD

Anyways, it’s out there and up for consideration. We shall just have to see what falls where. šŸ™‚

Till later, babies!

2 thoughts on “Makin the effort

  1. The mythical “They” are, in fact, full of it. Just so you know. šŸ™‚
    Write about what interests you. Since this is your writing blog, it should tend to be writing-related in some way. Even if sometimes that happens to be how you were writer’s-blocked, so you spent the day organizing your cookbooks by size and color (aka “cat vacuuming”).

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