Kick Ass

I’m not all hot shit author person who gets tickets to movies in advance and sees them before the average Joe/Jane makes the mistake of seeing it (or makes the mistake of NOT seeing it). So don’t expect a lot of movie reviews as usually my first judgment of a movie is whether or not I’ll even bother to pay to see it. Many movies fail this initial test and I get the DVD for free from the library.

That said: Get up right now and go see Kick Ass. If you like comics, you need to see this movie. If Spiderman 3 and X-Men 3 make you ashamed to be a fan of either series, go see this movie. If you want your movies to grab your brain by the balls and never let go, GO.

I have never loved a movie so much that I knew my mother would be ashamed to know even existed since Tank Girl. Kick Ass does not take itself seriously at all in some parts and gruesomely serious in others. It is pretty darn faithful to the comic; which has blood spattered all over the damn thing but like Watchmen, the movie Kick Ass deviates from the ending in the graphic novel. Comic purists can go cry in a corner now.

The character development is actually really well done but by the end of it, I really didn’t care if David got laid. In fact, I wanted the girl to stfu so I could watch Hit Girl and Big Daddy some more. That is one special team up right there. I admittedly left the theater wanting to grow up to be like an eleven year old girl!! I fully expect my kid to grow up to be like Hit Girl.

Now, on the subject of the "controversy" about Hit Girl. (clears throat) Hit Girl is manipulated by her father to be what she is, a killing machine, and she’s frickin awesome at it. She walks in to a room full of bad guys and you might as well have put them in a blender. When I looked at her, I saw all the confidence I wish I had at 11-12 years old. I never, NEVER saw a sexualized child. Ever. And whoever did has more problems than I can really address here since I’m not a criminal profiler for S.V.U.

I have to agree with this article, with the added opinion that I would much rather my daughter be able to hold her own against bullies than to end up sent to boot camp by Maury for wanting to be pregnant at 15. Hit Girl is a confident, capable warrior who is to be respected in the context of the world she’s in.

Overall, I walked out of the theater wanting to turn around and go right back in and swearing I’ll buy the DVD. I’ll keep it on the shelf right next to Tank Girl… Yet another chick I wanna be when I grow up. 😉

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