I’m not a big user of brainstorming. In school, I used to roll my eyes and groan whenever that was a required part of an assignment. Now it seems I’m fricking CONSUMED by it! I always thought it was a waste of time, still kinda do, but it’s better than staring at the blank page wondering why the hell it won’t tell you what do to. Having a completely disorganized list of ideas is so much more productive. :p

With another short story under my belt tonight will be more "Greenhouse" typing and some brainstorming. I need some erotica ideas, some ideas for my "female friendship" story, and I have a demented idea for "Chick lit for chicks who are fucked up" which I really have to play with. it’s just too fun not to. >}

So as I sit with my newly christened brainstorming notepad (meaning the first one that my fingers hit when I reached out for one) I try to imagine where I want my story to go, what I want the reader to get out of it, and what the characters have to tell me. Very often while I do this, an entire random scene will come out.  Many times I don’t use them but sometimes I do. If I don’t, it’ll end up on a Super Shorty Saturday post like the others. XD I have a ton that I’ve never managed to use. But I keep everything, no matter what. And lucky for all of you lovely people, you get to read it. XD

And don’t forget Dreamhunter is available for purchase. Yes, I will be mentioning that a lot. 😉

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