Suspiria: A Review

I watched this a while ago but I’m using the time spent sick in bed to get things done.

I spent a good deal of Suspiria with a WTF look on my face but certainly not in a bad way. XD I certainly liked this movie. It was absolutely beautiful. the cinematography, the music, the way the kill scenes were put together. All of it pure horror movie camp. Which I love! 🙂 Now, on to what bothered me…

Er, these are kinda spoilerish…

The evil villains are witches, right? And the general consensus in the movie is that witches are evil because they are witches. I can accept that (although that’s not very original), seeing as how they were murdering the students in the school. But the WHY was never mentioned. They are witches so they are evil so they are killing people because they don’t wanna be found out to be witches. That’s it. Other than that, they teach ballet. In fact, the only time the witches do anything bad is when the kids start snooping around! Now, being chased into a pit full of barbed wire is a harsh punishment for trespassing but these witches have no plans to take over the world, steal souls for Lucifer, make the dancers all horny to steal their sexual energy, nothing. They meet and cackle evilly and… That’s about it. o_O

It’s a cool movie and I’d totally watch it again but I demand a little more from my villains. It all smacks of a more innocent time where the Satanic Panic was all you needed for a decent villain. But for a night of popcorn and beer (or soda for your youngunz) with a movie to amuse you, I say go for it. 🙂

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