Back to work and ranting already

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No sooner am I back to work than I have something neck-punch worthy to complain about. I’m not talking about the general consensus that it’s acceptable to sneeze or wipe a drippy nose before handing a librarian (or anyone) your card. I’m talking thievery. it really ticks me the hell off.

I am very proud of the collection of graphic novels I’ve built for my library. I do my best to stock a wide range of mainstream and indie comics catering to as many tastes as I can. So imagine my rage when I come in to have someone tell me a patron ripped the barcode out of one of our Batman books and stole it. Because it’s totally off the grid if you damage the book before you snatch it.

Stealing is bad as is but if I believed in hell, I would like to think there was a special hot stabby circle for people who steal from libraries. It is just a disgusting thing to do and, as I said on my Twitter, I hope whoever stole it gets a horrible, festering paper-cut. They can get cured but I hope it fucking hurts.

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