Mommy Monday, Word Goal Update, and An Announcement

I am glad to say that I’ve been doing pretty decently with my word goals. I didn’t write for the holiday but I believe I’ve more than made up for it over the next few days.

I have discovered the joys of having a kid in school because on my days off, I can walk her to school (walking is great inspiration for me and my #1 writer’s block weapon), write till it’s time to pick her up, and have time to play around with her once she gets home. It’s a win/win! Mommy gets to write and my daughter gets a happy mommy. ^_^

I am in a zone here which also translates into a fervent desire to brush up on my writing skills. I’ve gotten great reviews on what I’ve finished so far, but I feel I need to keep refining my style in order to keep from becoming stagnant. As I’ve alluded to here and here, I will need to be writing a wider range of materials. Needless to say, I took that offer to write for my friend’s new company. It’s gonna  be awesome to work with someone who loves and respects my work but will also kick my ass and expect the best.

And who is this mysterious person? Not really a shocker. I’ve been a fan and friend of Ragdoll Comics for some time (some NWS images there, it’s a horror comic). This doesn’t mean my stories won’t be available anymore or that EVERYTHING I write will be turned into a comic. What will probably happen is my stories will be available in illustrated and non-illustrated editions. You pick whatever you like. ^_^

I am very excited for this and I hope for the best! 😀

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