My current list of WIP’s

Inspired by a conversation via Twitter with my friend at Flames and Flowers, here is a list of my current Works In Progress in order to really drive home the reason why I am so overwhelmed, I need to outline:

  1. Winter Boot: A short story which, compared to my other works, is fairly kid friendly. This is all plotted out but needs to be written.
  2. Go Away Girls: The Silver Slide: A novel length steampunk lesbian story starring these ladies. This novel is started but still in the starting phase.
  3. First Brood: Greenhouse: The sequel to Dreamhunter. This novel is about halfway done but needs a TON of editing.
  4. Dijinn story: another in this universe but is still in the brainstorm stage.
  5. Suicide Troopers: scripts for this comic I’m working on with my friend. This will be an ongoing project.
  6. Untitled sci-fi/fantasy m/f novel: This may be an erotic one. I’m not sure. This is still in the outlining stage.
  7. Untitled horror short story: I have two pages of this written and no plans whatsoever. I need to make them. >_<
  8. A list of erotic short story submission ideas about 12 deep as of today. I may get more soon. I just compile them for whenever I have a chance to work on that.
  9. Sketch practice so I can add more to my Deviant Art gallery, my Storm Artists gallery, and my Zazzle shop.

And I’m fairly certain there’s something I’m forgetting. Yes, I have a full time job, overtime, housework, and a 4 year old. Yes, I am clusterfuck crazy. Scary, isn’t it?

There was a time, when I was a younger gal, where I could mentally keep all this straight with only a few notes. But the worlds are getting so expansive with so much detail, I’ve had to use outlines to keep the parameters straight and make sure one world doesn’t seep into the other by mistake.

I  have a writing planner AND I utilize Asana to keep on schedule with an ADDITIONAL daily alarm on my phone to ensure I meet (or TRY to meet) my daily goal of 4 pages a day. Sometimes I sit in bed, literally encircled by notebooks as I bounce from one story to another to get those 4 pages.

And somewhere in here, I’m supposed to lose 20 pounds and to a book challenge? Why do I get the feeling I’m setting myself up to fail here. 0.0

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