Pagan Blog Project – “A” for “Altar”

I’ve been Pagan for 13 years and it was only now that I was able to afford the altar of my dreams.

I purchased this altar from Dragonoak with the only extra requirement of a hasp on the side to be able to lock my kid out. 😉 Everything on it was either a gift or inherited from Ma. My husband bought me the wand, my cousin bought me the offering bowl, and Ma’s bought the incense burners and the chalice. On the side there is a smaller table where I piled the books I am currently learning from and candles. ^_^

I think the best thing about having an altar now is being able to involve my child in my spiritual life. She walked in on me sitting in front of it for a New Years prayer and plunked herself down and asked if she could do it with me. Then she asked if we could pray for Gramma. Without any prompting from me, she says: “I pray in thanks to all I see, that I love Gramma and she loves me.”

That made me so happy, I nearly burst into tears. It also made her happy and if this is how she wants to deal with Gramma being gone, then I am all for it. She can pray anytime she wants, as long as I’m there with her. After all; there is glass on that altar. 0.0

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