Pagan Blog Project – “B” for “Bath”

For this week, I picked the topic of ritual baths.

With my New Year’s resolution to work out more, I’ve switched to working out in the daytime. I do some pretty intense workouts so I end up sweaty and gross, necessitating a shower before I go to work. But I still make time for my nightly shower and let me tell you why.

I use that nightly shower for more than just washing off book dust and makeup. I cleanse myself of the whole day. If any patrons were rude to me, if my kid threw a tantrum, if I got a paper cut; I wash all of it down the drain. I don’t take to long because water costs money but I get it all out so I can take a deep breath, kiss my child good night (no matter what she did to me that day), and get to sleep without rehashing all of it and having it keep me up all night. I sleep better, I don’t have library nightmares (yes, this has happened), and I all around just feel better.

If I happen to get in some altar time, then this is doubly important because I need to concentrate on what I’m doing. I wash away my distractions so I can be a better writer, too. Nothing gets the muse going like a nice hot shower. 😉

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