Pagan Blog Project – “D” for “Dreams”

I don’t often remember my dreams but when I do, they are DOOSIES. Most of the time, they are working through the stress of the day. If I have a difficult time at work, my dreams sort out the stress. But every once in awhile, they are to prepare me.

Before my mother started to get very sick, I dreamed of my Granny. It may sound kooky but I really believe she came to me to prepare me for what was coming. She told me to be strong and enjoy the happy times because life ends so fast… And of course, Granny was right; a lesson I need to relearn now in dealing with both of their deaths. I need to learn to remember the good times with them and let some of my anger go.

I keep a written journal where I write my dreams down when they are like this (because dreams where I’m shopping and can’t decide what I want or need are pretty self explanatory). Every so often I get an idea for a story from my dreams, as well. I record whatever I can remember and build upon them at a later date.

I also dream in color; which is supposed to mean something fantastic.

Either way, I try to save them all and learn the lessons they are trying to teach me.

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