Pagan Blog Project – “E” for why I’m Eclectic

Like a lot of other Pagans, I didn’t start out that way. I was Christian, then Wiccan, now I consider myself a Solitary Eclectic Pagan.

For many, this is code fore “I mishmash traditions I don’t understand and do whatever I please.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. I personally found through years of research and practice that all in all, the divine feminine and masculine are the two main concepts of diety. The names are facets of jewels; different aspects of the same two forces. Hence I became Pagan instead of Wiccan or Hoodoo or any ONE tradition.

Being Eclectic means I can celebrate all the traditions which make me ME. I am biracial and multicultural so I can draw upon what jives with me and leave behind what doesn’t. Through trial and error, I can also discard rituals, prayers, and tools I do not need. It may be the epitome of D.I.Y. religion but is that really so bad? Is the man who prays while washing dishes better than the man who only prays in church? If the gods are everywhere, They won’t really quibble if I keep my athame on the right or left or if I use one at all.

8 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – “E” for why I’m Eclectic

  1. I am also electic. Like you, I have many different heritages that my ancestors come from. So I like being able to mix and match from different spiritual practices and try to honor myself and my ancestors. I consider myself wiccan for the most part, but I am sure those hard core wiccans out there would disagree with me as I see the rede as a good ideal to use for inspiration in how we live our lives, not as a must do rule, however I have no problem crossing it if my family is in danger in any way,

    1. Even though I don’t see myself as Wiccan, I see that as an excellent guideline, as well! 😀 And also, you must to what you must to protect your family. There’s the rub in the Rede; to allow your family to come to harm would also be against the rule. I think Karma balances it all out. 🙂

  2. I’m Eclectic also and I know just what you mean! I don’t consider myself a Wiccan though, but I pull from Wiccan Traditions, as well as others… that’s the beauty of being Eclectic though 🙂

  3. I like how you’ve made it clear that being “eclectic” (gosh, I never liked that word – not the definition, just the sound of the word…weird huh?) is not a lazy pagan’s way of doing things. From what I can see, eclectics put MORE effort into studying various paths in order to weave various things into their own unique “way”.

  4. I’m curious as to the areas you draw from mostly. I am also an eclectic pagan, but I mostly draw from Germanic and religious witchcraft practices (Eclectic neo-pagan witchcraft). I define myself as an eclectic pagan in that I don’t rely on just one holiday set or ritual format. I use different formats based on what I am celebrating and who I am celebrating.

    1. I have always had a fascination with Greek and Roman pantheons but Hundu and Shinto have also caught my eye. I have British ancestors so at times the Celts call to me and also African American so I have done research on Hoodoo and Root work but I don’t have much practice with those two. :/

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