Pagan Blog Project – “J” for “Jinx”

I’ve had friends and acquaintances come to me believing they’ve been jinxed; believing their run of bad luck is supernatural in origin and hope their friendly neighborhood witch can to something about it. They fill me in on the situation and are frequently are disappointed when I tell them they’re not jinxed; they’re repeating bad behaviors and wondering why it all turns out shitty.

“Lenni, can you cast a spell for me?”

Sure! I can cast all freakin day but if you don’t study? Your grades won’t improve. Guy broke your heart again? Stop messing with him. Perpetually out of money? Stop over-shopping. Tired of being fat? Take a freaking walk.

Of course there are always mitigating circumstances but on the whole, it seems people will jump on the supernatural explanation rather than look within and see what the root of the problem is. It may not be all “witchy” and “pagany” but it works. I do believe in a little magical help but I always combine it with good ole fashion hard work. And who knows? The application of my will towards change may be the transformative magic; not the spell. If not, it certainly can’t be said I didn’t have all by bases covered. 😉

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