Progress Update!

Hanging around and not going to work has left me a lot of time for writing and editing. I have been cleaning (the garbage men must think I’m crazy) but I am making some great headway on getting another story up for sale. 🙂

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now. Cleaning, writing, editing… That’s just what life is right now.

I almost miss irate patrons… 😉

One thought on “Progress Update!

  1. When you write a first draft, you are writing a story. You’re telling your character’s tale, spinning your adventure, whatever. When you start to edit a novel, you’re no longer just telling a story, you’re getting ready to put on a production, to invite a reader into your world. Think of your book as a fun house ride. You might have built this funhouse based on your fantasies, but once you invite people in, it’s no long your world alone. The world has to make sense to others, it has to delight and surprise and, most importantly, capture them. The readers might be drawn in by the glitz at the front door, but from the moment they set foot inside your domain, it’s your job to keep them there.

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