Writer Wednesday – Writing Update

Ah, yes. It has been too long since I’ve written an update for you guys so here’s what Lenni has been up to.

It’s still been a short story blitz for me these days with a little editing in between. I have learned that there will be no after camp program for my daughter this summer so after turning my schedule into absolute knots to make sure I can pick her up and drop her off, I am more motivated than ever to try and make more money for my writing. Not just to make more to pay down the mortgage early but to be able to afford to pay for a nanny or a bus service to make sure my daughter is in a safe place so I can work my regular hours.

I don’t know why the school district’s camp thinks other parents work like teachers and are off in the summer. It’s very annoying. T_T

But if I’m making more money with my books, I can afford to take leave without pay if I must to get my daughter to where she needs to be or hire someone to watch her. I dunno if anyone would like to donate to the cause of getting the hell outta debt as soon as humanly possible, links to all my books are here. More will be showing up as I finish them. There’s also merchandise and illustrated chapters of the vampire novel up for purchase. 🙂 If you like, pass it along and leave reviews. Reviews feed the author machine. 😉

As I’m sure you are aware, Fiction Friday was skipped last week. This was because I straight up lost the notebook Winter Boot is in. I found it. ^_^We should be getting back on track now.

So, that’s about it. Back to work for me!

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