Brace yourselves… NaNo is coming…

Do you hear that? That is the sound of millions of writers revving their creative engines for the novel blitz of the year. As I am a writer with too many balls in the air as is, I will not be participating. But I will be doing NaNoPloMo over at BlogHer instead because anyone who reads this blog knows I have issues with consistent posting. 9_9 Hopefully this will jog me to post about whatever fool thing crosses my mind rather than thinking “Eh, nobody’s interested in that.”

FYI, I will only be doing this on WordPress as you can only apply one blog to the list (I’m assuming).

So, is anyone else doing NaBloPoMo? Or will you be going for broke writing the next great American novel? 😉

2 thoughts on “Brace yourselves… NaNo is coming…

  1. I agree, debt is WAY overrated! I opted for Arctic Badgers for my million … guess I need to iron out my priorities 😉 – NBloPoMo … and I’m doing NaNo too … what are we thinking?-!

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