Playing Movie Catch Up – Saw Franchise

Seeing as how Halloween is over, you may wonder why I made an effort to plow through all the movies. Mostly because I actually enjoy this series and missed the final chapter and I had to wait till the kiddo wasn’t around to watch them. So, in between loads of laundry I watched them all on my DVDR.

My brain still hurts. That much gore all in one sitting made me so tired. But I was VERY satisfied with the way the story ended and sorta pissed that the effects looked so damn fake in the last movie. I mean the blood was PINK for gods sake… >_< But at least it’s all done and I can say I’ve seen them all.

I gotta say overall the series is pretty good. I liked the writing in it and holy hell, did I ever cringe from the yuckyness… ;___; And now I can cross them off my list of movies that it bugs me I haven’t seen.

Next up is R.I.P.D. Yes, I am aware everyone has said it sucks but everyone also said After Earth sucked and I honestly didn’t think it was so bad.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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