Comics? Libraries have that!

So, I get sent to career day at the local high school (because I’m fucking awesome, that’s why) and I get to chatting with this pretty nice kid about comics. Of course he’s a Walking Dead fan and it was refreshing (as it always is) to have an intelligent conversation with a young person about something we both enjoy.

I was gonna make a post about the horrid way the teenage girls dress in public but I thought I’d skip that.

(Parent’s please make sure your teen daughters stretch pants are opaque… PLEASE!)

What bugged me about that convo with that kid was what he said towards the end: “I didn’t know libraries would have such things.”

Not to sound like a total pretentious ass (or insane fan girl) but if we can stock umpteen copies if Fifty Shades of No Plot, we can CERTAINLY have a comic based on one of the hottest shows on TV right now. At the very least that because no librarian, no matter how much they hate comics, can deny there’s a demand for those.

So, let me put it out there right now to the 50 or so people who read this blog: Libraries have comics. Good comics. Fucking awesome comics. If they don’t? They can get some for you.

For gods sakes, people, FREE COMICS! ALL THE TIME!

Get thee to the library!

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