New Reviews Up!

I have been a busy little bee! I have four new reviews up (here, here, here, and here) with more scheduled to go up in the coming weeks. I got so many manga to review at once, I hadda space them all out other wise I would have been spamming the site and I don’t wanna do that. There’s still a ton of NYCC news coming out and editing those has been quite the experience! I’ve never been someone’s legit editor before; it’s strange. There’s a level of trust there I’m not used to. I’m usually editing my own work (with the exception of glaring and hilarious typos found by my generous beta readers/fans/friends I’ve coerced into reading my stuff) but it’s pretty cool! I slipped into the role easily.

My favorite part is getting to read new manga that I normally wouldn’t be picking up. I’ve been getting more manga than books lately and I am not complaining in the slightest. 😀 Bring ’em on I say! They read so fast, it doesn’t take time away from the novels I’m reading (which I may review for the site I’m not sure…), which is fan-fucking-tastic because I just got the new Chuck Palahniuk in my hot little hands and I wanna start that ASAP.

Cripes I’m such a nerd… Eh, it’s a living.



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