Writing Update

I can’t remember if I did a writing update yet this year… Ah well, here it is now.

Obviously I’ve gotten another story up for sale and I got a review on another (which was awesome) but I am still plugging away on producing new content. Lost Brother, the third in the First Brood series, is perilously close to a conclusion. I’m getting the main story down before I worry about the horrendous process of slogging through all my horrible typos.

It’s amazing. You think you know a skill then you read back over your work and I was just bashing my hands against the keyboard…

Anyway, I have also dragged out my sketching materials to work on drawing and sketching my own covers and maybe selling some art. I’ve felt so inspired lately that I’m excited for the future and doing my best not to bite off more than I can chew. But look out for more awesome stuff happening and I will keep you all posted!

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