Lenni Reviews: The Dangers of Fairy Compacts by Katey Hawthorne

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I downloaded this book for free on All Romance Ebooks.

A fairy named Aeron has been hearing a voice in his head for most of his life, much to the disdain of his father. When a tear opens between the human world and the world of the fae, it leads Aeron to the source of the voice which was calling him; a young mortal named Tammas. Tammas was trying to summon ingredients for a potion and ended summoning Aeron instead. But now that Aeron is stuck in the mortal world, the pair try to find out why Aeron was hearing Tammas’ voice all these years and why this spell would summon and bind Aeron to Tammas.

I like the premise of this story: a young magic user summoning an entity by mistake and then they get all lovey dovey as they learn about each other. Pretty classic as far as these types of stories go but Aeron and Tammas are interesting characters with conflicts outside just their by chance meeting. Aeron is treated indifferently by his father; who prefers his twin sister, and Tammas is trying to find his footing as a magic user with an equally impressive legacy to live up to in his family line. You end up liking them despite the formulaic plot.

The sex scenes are ok; it’s kinda easy to skip over them. They’re graphic but not that erotic, if that makes any sense. But for me, you read enough of these and a lot of the time, your eyes just skip over these parts unless the scenes are written amazingly well.

Overall, I give this story a 4 out of 5 because I had fun reading it.


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