Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 1 by Adachitoka


This manga was sent to me as a Loot Crate exclusive.

Yato is a bottom tier god trying to increase his status by taking odd jobs for mortals for a few yen a pop. In the meantime, he lives on the streets waiting for someone to tall him as only people who really need his services can even see his number.

In this first volume, we are introduced to Yato and his shinki, Hanki. A shinki is a living weapon who looks like a person but can transform into a weapon. Hanki quits after the first chapter because Yato is a bit of an ass. Bur he happens upon a girl named Hiyori who can see spirits, astral project, and loves wrestling (it looks more like MMA but they call it wrestling). She runs into Yato when he’s hot on the trail of a lost kitten for a young boy who finds his number.

So far, this series is amusing. Yato is your typical lovable oaf and Hyori is the typical special powered high school girl who helps him. It’s difficult to predict where a manga will go by just the first volume but it was funny and creative enough for me to want to read the next volume. I give it a 4 out of 5 because I can see the potential for future amusement and I find the interaction between Yato and Hiyori funny.



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