Lenni Reviews: Cupid’s Time by Jess Buffett

I got this little short read for free on All Romance Ebooks.


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In this short story, concepts in the universe and myths are personified as hot guys: Nate as “Mother” Nature, Nick as Santa, Henry as the Easter Bunny, Thyme as Father Time and Cupid as… Well, Cupid. They call themselves the Keepers. Cupid is at a gay club doing what the personification of love does best; bring people together, when Thyme shows up to needle him about being the youngest of them all. Cupid gets sick of it, tells him off and leaves. It seems Cupid can bring others together but can’t seem to get on the same page as his crush; Thyme.

Here we have the classic couple who love each other, are fates mates (or whatever), but can’t get out of their own way. There is a side plot with Jack Frost causing trouble for the mortal world to throw yet another misunderstanding between the lovers but in general, everything between Thyme and Cupid could be resolved if someone said one simple sentence of explanation. This sort of conflict is so sold hat and very frustrating to read.

Also, smut warning: There is graphic sex and spanking. If that’s not your thing, don’t read this.

Despite that, it’s a cute story with sex scenes that are ok and despite some minor spelling and formatting errors (and the Jack Frost plot being wrapped up behind the scenes instead of writing it out and the fact Thyme is a meh name as an alias instead of Chronos or ANYTHING that didn’t sound like a spice…), the little romance between Cupid and Thyme is a mildly amusing diversion for an afternoon and worth a free read. I’ll give it a 2.9 because when you read as much as I do, the cliche’s bog it down.

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