Lenni Reviews: Hayden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo


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I got this book for free from All Romance Ebooks.

This short story features Graham, an Omega wolf looking for a place to live far away from the Alphas who have used and abused him. Following an ad for an apartment with other Omegas, Graham ends up at the doorstep of Hyden. Believing him to be another Omega, Graham moves in but Hyden is an Alpha and realizes that Graham is is fated mate. As the mating moon approaches, Hyden is having trouble keeping himself under control and must find as way to tell Graham the truth in a way that will keep the younger man from running away in fear.

I really wanted to like this book but even for a short story, things get wrapped up pretty fast. And I don’t mean in terms of Hyden and Graham being attracted to each other; I mean the jump from accepting the attraction to full on spanking and flogging in the S&M dungeon. Instead of Hyden as an Alpha working to earn Graham’s trust, he just bones the guy senseless so by the next scene, Graham is ok with it. It would have been so interesting to see Graham come to terms with Hyden being Alpha, learning to love and trust again despite Hyden initially hiding the fact he was an Alpha all along. Instead, the power of some man lovin and spanking fixes it all? Killed the rest of the book for me.

Yeah, there is smut and S&M smexy times between two men. Dun like? Dun read.

I give this book a barely earned 3 out of 5 because despite getting it for free, I can see paying about $0.99 for this and not feeling like I wasted my money. The writing isn’t bad but it gets points off for not being terrible yet also not impressive.


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