Lenni Reviews: “Hope House Stories: One – Group Therapy or Communal Madness?” By Fabian Black

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I purchased this book for free from All Romance Ebooks.

Christopher Emett is the new resident of Hope House; the last stop for people who need intense psychological care through other doctors have given up on them. Through Chris, we meet the other residents: Nigel, James, Anna, and Paul. Gordon and Nathaniel are in charge of the house and lead the group sessions (and they are also a couple).

In this first part, we meet the characters and see how they interact with each other but not much else as this is the first in an episodic series. As each part is only $0.99 and roughly 2,000 to 4,000 words, I am intrigued to see how it all plays out. It is categorized as M/M Discipline Fiction although, in this particular part, there are no naughty scenes.

I give this a 2.9 out of 5 for being a well-written introduction to a series, albeit a short one.

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