My Audiobook Experience

I reviewed ‘Choices’ over at O&G and I felt the need to make a post about it since I am really not used to audiobooks.

I am a big fan of reading and usually avoid audiobooks. I like to listen to music or have the TV on for white noise in the background while I read so having my headphones plugged into my Kindle was absolutely surreal. Not unenjoyable, but surreal. My eyes couldn’t help searching for the words I was hearing but not reading.

And man, can I tell you how strange it is to hear erotica!? How did anyone listen to Fifty Shades with a straight face? This proper, British voice saying these completely filthy words had me giggling like a 5-year-old for the first 5 chapters before I got a damn grip. I certainly learned a lesson about how I consume my entertainment. With movies and books my eyes are engaged and while my eyes may not be engaged while listening to music, I’m not expecting them to. But with an audiobook, my mind thinks reading and my eyes look for words.

In a way, I felt less connected to the book at first and it took me time to adjust mentally. I enjoyed the book but I think I still prefer words on a page for the same reason I feel more connected to my writing by putting pen to paper rather than fingers to keyboard. I feel more a part of what I’m doing.

And I also giggle like a dufus less.

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