Finally Watched It: The Seventh Seal

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Rather than summarize the movie, I’m just gonna talk about what I thought of it (since summaries of movies are just ridiculously all over the internet). Here’s the IMDB link if you’re interested. I also didn’t read any interpretations.

I found this movie to be pretty cool! In my opinion, the whole thing boils down to the “heroes” of the story being murderers, admitted rapists, and thieves. The kind are regarded as fools just because they paint their faces and dance while the layman laugh at the pain of others. I see this movie as an indictment of fanaticism, fear, and cruelty among humanity with death being the only equalizer.

For me, that meaning came into my head when someone said: “It is pointless.” It’s all pointless. Every character is trying to find God (in the Church, in the Crusades) but the only people who seem happiest are the ones who aren’t actively looking: The acting troupe family. They are so happy singing, laughing, entertaining others, and playing with their baby boy. That’s all they need from life; which was so sweet to me. Death will come to them in time; as it comes to everyone, but in the meantime, they are joyful people who share their joy with others without judgment. So, I’m glad I took the time to watch this movie.

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