April Writing Update

I haven’t just been plowing through all these books to review, I have been writing! Probably not as much as I should, seeing how I usually don’t hit my page goal for the day, but if I feel blocked on a story I go ahead and read through my pile of books.

Don’t even ask how the short stories are going… They’re not. Consider them stalled until come brilliant idea hits me.

The good news is, despite not always hitting that daily goal, there are some days where I fall asleep mid sentence because I just wouldn’t be able to stop writing. This means good things for the third book in the First Brood series. I really hope this will finally be the year I get it finished.

As for the blog, expect more reviews of the random books I find on the web, more movies, more comics, and perhaps even more art. You can see the “Finally Watched It” series has begun and I’m planning a series of posts called “There, I Fixed It” where I take movies that either sucked entirely or had a good concept but shit/lazy execution and plot out how they could have been improved. I get so frustrated with movies that fail so I decided to complain about it.


There’s some exciting things coming down the pipe and I feel pretty awesome about them so I hope you all enjoy!

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