Lenni Reviews: “Fireworks: A Sexmas Short Story” by Kate Lowell


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I purchased this book for free at All Romance Ebooks.

Carter and Thilo are very different so when the straightlaced and shy Thilo asks to see Carter dance at the strip club where he works, Carter is understandably taken aback. Carter is worried his profession will cause a problem in their new relationship and that the prim accountant wouldn’t be able to handle watching such a spectacle. However, Thilo is determined to show Carter he can look beyond the job and still treat Carter the same. On New Year;s Eve, Carter arranges for Thilo to watch a show. Will the reserved Thilo be able to see Carter at work and stay in the relationship?

This was a short and sweet read with a relatable situation. Carter and Thilo are as fleshed out as characters can be in 23 pages. And it’s honestly not that graphic. Of course, the story takes you to the strip club and describes what happens in one but I’d rate this a PG if I was feeling very judgemental. Out of 5, I would give this a vague 3 because I enjoyed it despite it being really short and it was nice to read something sweet without it being overloaded with smut.

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