Lenni Reviews “Bag the Beast” by Jane Perky

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I purchased this book for free from All Romance Ebooks and is intended for 18+.

Clement, a werewolf, is in dire need of a pumpkin for a pie he plans to bake for a Thanksgiving baking contest. And only the best pumpkins grow on Dall’s farm; a reclusive bear shifter affectionately nicknamed ‘The Beast.’  Intending to steal it, Clement sneaks on to the farm in wolf form and ends up not only ending up at the wrong end of Dall’s gun but senses the werebear is his mate.

This story is so short (18 pages) it’s hard to really rate it. The conflict – such as it was – could have been developed more so that the ending provided more satisfaction. It felt so fast, I didn’t get enough time to care if these two got together. I’d call it ‘drive by erotica’ with just enough smut to titillate if not completely entertain. Not bad but not really good either. I’d give it a 2 for having potential but being too short to really leave an impression.

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