Lenni Reviews: “Cruel to be Kind” by Kim Dare

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I purchased this book from All Romance Ebooks and is intended for 18+.

Xander, a human, has wanted to belong to Malone, a vampire, for a long time. As they are friends and business partners. In a last desperate effort, Xander offers himself to Malone knowing if a human offers themselves to a vampire, the vampire has 24 hours to do whatever they want with the offering. Xander is determined to show Malone he can endure anything Malone can throw at him but Malone is equally determined to show Xander how bad it can get so he never does it again; believing if he is cruel to Xander now it will spare him future pain. Will Xander be able to take it? Will Malone even be able to bring himself to hurt a man he loves for his own good?

This story isn’t bad as far as BDSM paranormal M/M erotica goes. As it is so short (35 pages) if you’re looking for long sessions between the two main characters, you won’t get them. It’s more about whether or not they will reach an understanding. You do get some interesting insight into the mindset of a submissive and Kim Dare is a good writer, but I give this story a solid 3. But if BDSM isn’t your thing, don’t read this one. And this is obviously for grownups only.

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