Finally Watched It: REC 3


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Like the others, this movie follows an outbreak where the people are trapped inside with the infected. This time, it happens at a wedding and the bride and groom keep trying to get to one another.

I can see why they picked a wedding for this part as these days, everyone has some sort of recording device at an event like this. It wouldn’t be just the professional photographer’s point of view. However, midway through the  movie, it switches to third-person! Just out of nowhere; as if telling the story from first-person would be too hard after that so they gave up. And when I say gave up, I mean in every aspect. This movie just descends into the typical horror movie tropes with all the generic stupidity that makes you want to scream at the screen. An hour in all I cared about was when I was going to get the chainsaw I was promised on the cover but by the time I got it, it didn’t feel as if the movie earned it.

Despite the practical effects not being too bad, I felt so disappointed by this movie. The first two held together so well that this one feels like a cop out. It’s just not as tense and scary as the first two and it just gave in to all the typical zombie tropes of any other formulaic movie.

And this may be a bit spoiler-ish but my final word is… RIP; Sponge John. You were absolutely my favorite thing about this movie.

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