Lenni Reviews: “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” vol 2 by Magica Quartet and Hanokage

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Nadoka’s friend, Sayaka, enters into a contract with Kyubey in order to have a wish granted: for the hands of a boy she likes to be healed. On Sayaka’s first outing as a magical girl, another girl shows up named Kyouko, who has been killing familiars for a long time. Kyouko reveals not only is it the task of a magical girl to hunt and kill witches and their familiars, the girls eat the witches. After killing a witch, a grief seed is left behind. The girls supposedly use the seed to clean their soul gems and get their magic back but in reality, the grief seed is being consumed. Not only that, those cute little soul gems aren’t just a talisman, they are the girl’s actual souls! Their bodies are just empty shells; effectively, they’re DEAD.

What the ever-loving fuck…

While Sayaka works on getting the hang of the killing familiars thing, Homura is desperately trying to keep Madoka from getting involved. Turns out Homura’s special ability is time manipulation and she knows exactly what Kyubey is and what it’s planning. Then the guy Sayaka essentially died for hooks up with someone else and loses her fucking mind.

There are only three volumes of this and there seems to be a lot getting thrown out at the reader. I haven’t seen the anime (I plan to) and I won’t watch it until I finish the books, but I shudder to think how this will wrap up. So far, it’s compelling, screwed up, and a bit disturbing.

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