Lenni Reviews: “Bought: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story” by Raissa Phoenix


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**I purchased this book for free from Amazon and is rated 18+.**

Jace give himself up as a prisoner to protect his lover who is a spy for their werewolf pack. Expecting to be killed, he instead is purchased by a witch named Elias to be subject to his twisted sexual desires as his slave.

In this world, humans are mostly gone, witches are in charge, and vampires and werewolves serve the witches. This story is short and graphic; Elias is a sadistic and cruel man who enjoys humiliating Jace so there is no romance in this one. If coerced sex and master/slave couplings are your thing, you’ll be fine. If you’re hoping for love here, you will be disappointed.

Overall, it didn’t leave much of an impact or drop me in a world I care enough about to delve any further in the series. It didn’t particularly shock or disgust me, either. I give it a weak 3 out of 5 since there isn’t enough here to make an impression.

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