Lenni Reviews: “The Hustler” by Kay Simone

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**I purchased this book for free from Amazon and is intended for 18+.**

Excited to try out his new fake ID, Daniel heads to a bar for a few drinks to check out the scene. While there, be meets Wilson, who offers a game of pool. Thinking he can hustle the man, Daniel accepts the game and during it, drunkenly bets Wilson a quickie in the bathroom for the winner of the game.

Is this a thing that happens? I dunno, nobody’s ever offered this to me.

Anyway, this is Daniel’s last hurrah of the summer before he goes back to his swanky private school to find out his new English teacher for the year is Wilson.

While this short story could stand alone (as stated in the description) it really is a taste of a novel called The Aftermath. Daniel is a cocky brat (no pun intended) and I mean that in the best way. Since it’s from Daniel’s perspective, Wilson seems sultry and tempting but it ends right when you find out he’s Daniel’s teacher. Any further delving into his personality will likely have to wait for the novel. As the situation intrigues me, I am going to be reading the full novel when I get a chance. I’d give it a 4 out of 5 for being steamy but too short.

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