Lenni Reviews: “MachoPoni: A Prance With Death” by Lotus Rose

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I purchased this book for free from Amazon.

When I read the synopsis of this freebie, I had to give it an honest shot. I’m a fan of the show so how could I resist “a twisted parody of My Little Pony, The Care Bears, and other 80’s staples.” Our hero, MachoPoni, must journey to the Dark Kingdom to rescue his love, Dust.

I am so glad this was free because this is the exact sort of story you would find on Fanfiction.net. The writing is so simple, it ends up being repetitive and choppy; resulting in a completely boring experience. The gore and violence didn’t help leave any more of an impression on me. All I felt was; “Well, that happened. I don’t know what ‘that’ was or really care but it happened.” It could have been something pretty cool but the result was just blah. I generous 2 for the effort since it wasn’t gods awful but I was bored more often than not.


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