Lenni Reviews: “Mannies Incorporated” by Sean Michael

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**I purchased this book from All Romance Ebooks and it is rated 18+**

Slayde works as a nanny to Mindy’s three kids. A widow who ends up deployed once again, Slayde manages very well until Mindy’s brother, Drake, drops by saying he’s there to help; completely messing with Slayde’s flow. Not only is Drake a hard-assed cop and unfamiliar with the kids, Slayde is attracted to him. But Drake is straight, right?

This is a cute opposites attract story with some steamy smexy times. In my own opinion, there was a bit much of the kids and the story can be over saccharine sometimes. I found myself skimming over the fluff to get back to the relationship between Drake and Slayde. But by the end, I had a stupid grin on my face because I was happy for them. It’s an upbeat story without too much angst. If that’s what you’re looking for, I give this a solid 3.5 out of 5.

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