June Loot Crate Anime: Victory

No, I don’t get why I get these so late in the month… By the time they ship and actually arrive at my door, the month’s already over. Ah well…

This month includes:

  • Sohoku shirt
  • Victory poster
  • Color changing water bottle
  • Trophy charm
  • Free Luggage tag
  • Splatoon squid… thing…
  • Yowamushi Pedal vol 1

Man, did this box get me wanting my bike. Not that I was a racer or anything; I just liked doing it. I will have to get back to it and wear that shirt on the ride. For the lulz, of course.

I’m always a fan of water bottles (I have a system where I use my Brita to filter the water, then fill up a bunch of water bottles to put in the fridge instead of just the Brita container in order to eliminate arguments about who put the thing back in the fridge empty), the luggage tag with come in handy but… That squid thing? Gave it to the kid since she had to identify it for me.

The manga is ok, I guess. I tried to read it and kinda got bored but, to be fair, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for it. I’ll give it another honest shot and review it for you guys.

Overall, this box was meh as the theme in general isn’t something I would get excited over – like the Miku box – but it’s still stuff I can enjoy.

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