July Loot Anime: “Action Comedy”

  • Kitty Action Comedy Charm
  • Trigun: Badlands Rumble T-Shirt
  • Original Minis One-Punch Man 2-Pack Figure
  • KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Vol. 1 Manga
  • FLCL Art Print
  • High School DxD Art Print

The fandoms I’m most familiar with in this box are Trigun and FLCL. Both are among some of my favorite anime series. One Punch Man is pervasive so you can’t  help but have heard of it The others I’ve never heard of until now.

The shirt is amazing but any white shirts make me nervous. I’m always afraid I’ll ruin it somehow with soy sauce or wine. And that FLCL print is going up on my desk. I am determined to have the most geeky desk in my library.

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Loot Anime: “Humanity”

  • Black Lagoon coasters and metal box
  • Poster
  • Attack on Titan notepad with cover
  • Attack on Titan Levi figure
  • School Live manga
  • Cell phone charm
  • Poster

And the box turns into one of the houses from Attack in Titan; which is pretty cool but I try not to keep the boxes for clutter reasons. But coaster and box are awesome, the figure is cute, but can we talk about that AWESOME notepad?! The ‘leather’ holder has the same emblem engraved on it and a clip on the back to hook it to whatever. I can see putting it on my belt or the strap to a messenger bag. It comes with a flat pencil; which may be a pain to sharpen but it meshes with the design of the case. Maybe a flat styled pen with widely available refills would have been just as good but that’s more of a nitpick than a criticism.

I am glad to be getting some stationary stuff because I always suggest them when I take the customer surveys. I would love exclusive journal designs and such because I obviously have a sickness that can only be cured by more books. 😉

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Finally Watched It: “Attack on Titan” Season One

(Image Source)

Because after the happy fun of Yuri!! On Ice, who wouldn’t want to watch something that makes you want to jump off a bridge?

That being said, yeah this show is great! I like the story, I LOVE the animation, and the pacing had me trying to watch it all at once. But this old broad does need her beauty sleep and I do have a day job.

If you don’t know the story, one of the last strongholds of humanity is under attack by these giant monsters called Titans. When the outer ring of the city falls, humanity’s last hope is the Scout Regiment; who fight titans at great cost. The story follows Eren Yeager, who joins the regiment to take revenge after he loses his mother to a titan attack.

This is also a great anime for well-written female characters. If any fellow otaku out there get the eye roll and whining speech about all anime being hentai or full of brainless, big breasted, fanservice fodder; have them take a gander at this. I’m sure Mikasa would have a few things to say to them.

Also, the music is AMAZING in this series.

If I had one ‘complaint’ it would be the faces of the titans sometimes. They can come off a little goofy but, like in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, even goofy looking things can eat your head. A very minor gripe, to be sure.

He looks like he wants to sell me insurance… Head eating insurance… (Image Source)

I hear season 2 is on the way and I am really looking forward to it. Of course, I’ll talk about that one as well.

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Finally Watched It: Yuri!! On Ice

(Image Source)

After everyone and their mother as talked about this, I have finally plunked my ass down and watched it. If you haven’t heard, this anime is about an ice skater named Yuuri Katsuki who returns to the sport after bending under the pressure at a competition and feeling he let everyone down. He goes home and his friend’s kids record Yuri doing a routine his idol, Victor Nikiforov, made famous. The video ends up going viral and Victor decides to become Yuuri’s coach to get him back into skating.

Following Yuuri’s journey in the world of competitive men’s skating not only is engaging, but educational; as I had NO clue about the ins and outs of the sport before I watched this. When I went to the panel, people said they had become so interested in the sport after watching this show, they started taking lessons! That’s pretty cool!

But to stay on point, one of my favorite parts of this show is with all those men in the cast of characters, they don’t fall into the trope of trying to destroy each other in trying to succeed. They all just try to do their absolute best to win by working hard. Hell, they even hang out together! And since this is as yaoi as a show can get without being overt with it, I am also glad that the female characters are not all bitches for absolutely no reason than the fact it’s a trope. If anything, a good chunk of this cast is almost too kind for their own good.

The animation is fucking glorious! The motion capture for the skating is perfection and the voice acting is on point. If I had any real complaint, it’s that there isn’t more of this for me to binge since I just want to spend more time with these characters. This anime is just fun and I look forward to the next season.

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BishounenCon 2017!

(Image Source)

*This is cross-posted to Otakus and Geeks.

This year was the first time this event took place and it was very obvious. Vendors and artists alley in the same room, tiny little panel rooms and such… Very small but let me tell you, I have never felt so much love at a convention before. All the authors, vendors, artists, and other attendees were kind, funny, and so amazingly understanding. And I say understanding because I walked into the Yuri!! On Ice panel and was very likely the only one in the room who never saw the show. I came there to see what it was about and everyone was excited to share.

The same could be said for the author panels (which, I attended for obvious reasons) where I learned a great deal about tropes in LGBTQ fiction and how to represent a wider range of characters.

I also got some swag, of course:


I will be reviewing these books, of course. And those first two books are signed! 😀

If this con keeps going (PLEASE DO) next time, I would make a weekend out of it. I ended up having to miss panels I really wanted to see because I didn’t want to be driving back home at 1 am. People get stupid on highways normally so add dark and bridges to that and NOPE. Lenni would rather not, thanks.

Overall, I learned a lot, I met some fun people, I gave out a bunch of cards, and I have some fun books to review. I would love to attend next year and I hope it was successful enough to warrant a yearly event.

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January/February Loot Anime Crate: Dimension

  • No Game No Life Jibril T-Shirt
  • Sword Art Online I Socks – Kirito
  • Sword Art Online II Asuna Figure
  • Yume Keychain
  • Re:Zero Rem & Ram Rotating Picture Frame
  • Log Horizon Novel

This is one of those crates that unintentionally made me feel completely out of touch. I have no clue about any of these fandoms. The stuff is cool and all but the only bits I will go out of my way to keep are the shirt, the picture frame, and the book to review. Not to say this stuff isn’t cool, I just won’t appreciate them as much as someone who is really a fan.

Why keep the stuff I don’t know about? Because it’s cool. That’s all.

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December Loot Anime: Space; and a short hiatus

  • Ein plushie
  • Robotech LED light
  • Sailor Moon wand bottle opener
  • poster
  • cell phone charm
  • Space Patrol Luluco keychain

Ein wins. That’s it. The rest of the box could have been filled with gold and I’d still love Ein the most.

Since I’m not the biggest fan of Robotech, I threw that up on eBay so a real fan can buy it.

And yeah, there’s no update for today’s Finally Watched It and that’s because I’m taking some time for the holidays. I am super busy and regular posts will resume on Monday. Have a happy and healthy everyone!

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October Loot Crate: Demi-Human

  • One Punch Man manga vol 1
  • Tokyo Ghoul Standee Keychain Set
  • Twin Star Exorcists t-shirt
  • Bleach Watch
  • Demi-human keychain

When I saw a watch was included, I assumed it was going to be one of those slap LED watches but nope! That’s a regular analog watch. Nicely done! It’s a good lookin gadget.

I do think I am the only person on the planet who never got into One Punch Man. Of course, I’ll give this volume a try but for some reason, I never jumped on that bandwagon. I’ve never heard of Twin Star, either. Tokyo Ghoul, on the other hand, I have been reviewing here and I do enjoy it. I haven’t seen the anime yet but it’s on my growing list of things I want to watch. Bleach I used to watch but I fell off with it and never picked it back up again. What I saw of it was cool, though.

Overall, good selection here. Well worth the subscription.

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July Anime Loot Crate: Squadron


  • Gate Carabiner
  • Gate T-Shirt
  • Blind Box Gundam Figure
  • Anti-Magic Academy Scarf
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel Manga

The shirt is cool but again, I’ve got a box full of stuff from anime I’m not a fan of (because I’d never heard of it before). I hate to say it but I’ll probably be giving away everything but the shirt and the cargo bracelet (because those are cool).

Next month’s box is supposed to be back to school themed so I’m hoping for journals or cool pens!

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Finally Watched it: “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” vol 3.

(Image Source)

Again,this volume follows the manga but there are some more strange camera angles or the calm voice of the actor not matching the screaming face of the animated figure (or the reverse). But the music is amazing and the movements are clean and smooth. The plot is tight and there are so many anime out there with tons of filler that it’s nice to see a narrative get to the point and stay there.

I had fun watching this series and I think it’s a wouldn’t mind coming back to watch more than once. It’s dark but also adorable and heartfelt. I’m glad I took time for this one. Anything that thoughtfully turns tropes upside down is welcome. Its super creepy that Kyubey is one obvious metaphor for being taken advantage of during one of the most vulnerable time in a young person’s life. And poor Homura… But seeing her in action?! Picking up all those techniques?! Fucking WIN!

Now, I have been poking around and there are other manga for this series that I may try to hunt down and read. If I can find them, I may review those as well.

All in all, this was fun and I LOVE being back into anime again.

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