Finally Watched it: “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” vol 3.

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Again,this volume follows the manga but there are some more strange camera angles or the calm voice of the actor not matching the screaming face of the animated figure (or the reverse). But the music is amazing and the movements are clean and smooth. The plot is tight and there are so many anime out there with tons of filler that it’s nice to see a narrative get to the point and stay there.

I had fun watching this series and I think it’s a wouldn’t mind coming back to watch more than once. It’s dark but also adorable and heartfelt. I’m glad I took time for this one. Anything that thoughtfully turns tropes upside down is welcome. Its super creepy that Kyubey is one obvious metaphor for being taken advantage of during one of the most vulnerable time in a young person’s life. And poor Homura… But seeing her in action?! Picking up all those techniques?! Fucking WIN!

Now, I have been poking around and there are other manga for this series that I may try to hunt down and read. If I can find them, I may review those as well.

All in all, this was fun and I LOVE being back into anime again.

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