Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 2 by Sui Ishida

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Ken is still learning the ropes about being part Ghoul and what other full Ghouls have to do in order to blend into the human world without hunting humans. We are also introduced to the Commission of Counter Ghoul agents; who the Ghouls refer to as doves. They, of course, don’t bother to distinguish between Ghouls who go out of their way to hurt people and those who just want to live in peace. When an innocent Ghoul is killed, Ken and Touka are trapped between the desire for survival and revenge.

It kinda figures that the people who think they’re ‘do-gooders’ are just as sick and twisted as the monsters they’re hunting but there is a sizable threat in these Ghouls. They still eat people. That’s not an excuse to completely avoid any sort of discretion of investigation when it comes to death by Ghoul, of course. But that’s the sort of moral quandary that keeps stories like this interesting. We’ll have to see how twisted the Doves are and how vicious the Ghouls can be.

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