Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 16

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Ken’s faceoff with Kisho Arima – the undefeated ghoul investigator – and the one eyed ghoul cuts a bloody swath through the other CCG fighters.

This was a strange ending which I will do my best not to spoil. The battle is bloody and exciting but I didn’t feel I got closure with a lot of the plot threads. Theyju st got left dangling as if more story is on the way but this is the final volume. I’m left with this feeling of needing more and an overall meh. This series was ok but the ending feels too rushed. I’m disappointed. 3 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 12 by Sui Ishida

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With cafe Anteiku in the Investigator’s cross-hairs, it’s all out war as Ken and his friends fight for their lives. Added in is some backstory on Investigator Juzo; a kid treated like a toy and a lab rat before being picked up by the Investigator organization.

A good chunk of this volume is the calm before the storm set up to show how much the players have to lose and tug at your heartstrings since a lot of them will likely die. With that kind of set up, I expected a lot more casualties in this installment. But the battle is left on a cliffhanger. Of course it’s no shock Ken is down to protect Anteiku and his friends.

Somehow, I bet Rize will get involved in this before the dust settles. A lot of time has been spent establishing her existence so it would be foolish to have that plot thread dangle with nothing to show for it. What we see here is awesome and what’s next is sure to be great. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 12 by Sui Ishida

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This review is spoilery!

The investigators are intent on clearing the 4th Ward no matter how many ‘doves’ they lost to the ghouls. An undefeated Special Investigator Arima leads the charge but the CCG is hiding human/ghoul experiments and puts Anteiku in their crosshairs.

Kaneki has changed a lost as a character and it was nice to have him dial it back from wanting to protect everyone alone and now he’s joining with his friends so they can be stronger together. With such an OP character like Arima coming for them, they’re gonna need every available pair of hands – or kagune -on deck so they don’t get slaughtered.

And well, shit! Rize is back! She’s not her usual sultry, smart-ass self but, she’s around. I’m betting she’ll have some kind of role in the upcoming battle. The timing is just too good to leave her on the sidelines. I give this volume a 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 10 by Sui Ishida

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Ken is trying to deal with the Aogiri Tree with some turf war stuff as well as trying to track down the doctor who gave him Rize’s organs. At the same time, The Commission of Counter Ghouls is getting close to locating Ken and learning what he really is.

This volume brings back the action in the second half after more talking from the investigators in the first half. Seeing Ken focus so much on his training and using his abilities really hammered home to me how much he has changed from the first volume. This bookish, self conscious quiet boy is now a badass, cynical, hardened fighter.

We also learn some of the truth about Rize, the doctor, and a bit of what may be happening with her but there’s plenty more to explain from here on out. This volume gets a 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 9 by Sui Ishida

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After the showdown with the Aogiri Tree, the investigators are continuing their work on trying to find the Gormet and the Binge Eater. At the same tine, Kaneki is working with other Ghouls to try and find out who Rize really was.

Holy CRAP are the investigators boring! With all the battles and drama, it’s hard to slog through their blithering, especially since there’s the potential in all these other one eyed Ghouls out there. Not to mention how Kaneki himself has changed over the course of the series. With how interesting his character arch is, the investigators pale in comparison.

And lets not forget the doctor out there manufacturing Ghouls using Rize’s DNA! I can’t wait to find out what so special about her to inspire such shenanigans. Is she the first to have this done to her? Will other Ghouls end up captured like her? Is she herself a genetic creation and they’re using her to make more? Who knows? I can’t wait to find out.

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October Loot Crate: Demi-Human

  • One Punch Man manga vol 1
  • Tokyo Ghoul Standee Keychain Set
  • Twin Star Exorcists t-shirt
  • Bleach Watch
  • Demi-human keychain

When I saw a watch was included, I assumed it was going to be one of those slap LED watches but nope! That’s a regular analog watch. Nicely done! It’s a good lookin gadget.

I do think I am the only person on the planet who never got into One Punch Man. Of course, I’ll give this volume a try but for some reason, I never jumped on that bandwagon. I’ve never heard of Twin Star, either. Tokyo Ghoul, on the other hand, I have been reviewing here and I do enjoy it. I haven’t seen the anime yet but it’s on my growing list of things I want to watch. Bleach I used to watch but I fell off with it and never picked it back up again. What I saw of it was cool, though.

Overall, good selection here. Well worth the subscription.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 8 by Sui Ishida

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Now free of his tormentor, Ken faces off against the Aogiri Tree and ends up in a one on one showdown with Touka’s brother, Ayato. With Ayato back in focus, we get more backstory on his and Touka’s childhood and how the pair came to be so different.

In general, I think this series shines most when we’re dealing directly with the Ghouls. I’m probably missing plot points but I find myself skimming though the parts with the Investigators. They are just not as interesting to me.

After escaping, Ken decides to go off on his own because he’s determined to get stronger. I’m intrigued to see how exactly he’s going to do that. Will we see all of it or will Ishida just cut back to months or years later to when Ken returns and he’s all super?

I do have the anime on standby and I’m tempted to cheat and watch passed this point but I won’t I’ll be good and wait.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 7 by Sui Ishida

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The crew at Anteiku mount up and go after Ken; and well shit the Gourmet is back.


And the Investigators are around so the 11th ward becomes a war zone.

But the meat (bad pun) of this volume is Ken. Yikes… Just wow. Left to Yamori’s twisted idea of fun, Ken is tortured for who knows how long until he breaks. Yamori drops the little tidbit that the doctor who implanted Rize’s organs into Ken has done these experiments before and there are more like Ken around but Ken himself is the real star of this volume. He couldn’t really find a place as a human or a Ghoul. No matter what, he’s apart from everyone.

I did wonder how Ken’s transformation into resident badass was going to be framed. Let’s face it; he’s a character in a manga. That transformation is inevitable. I thought they were going to frame it as a bunch of people dying around him and triggering the change. Loss is usually how these things happen but this wasn’t exactly the case: Ken is just put through absolute hell. What is done to him is so painful and barbaric, it turns his hair white.

And they haven’t even escaped yet! That’s in the next volume I guess.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 6 by Sui Ishida

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The Ghoul Investigators are cracking down on the wards and Ghouls are organizing to take them down. A group of Ghouls called The Aogiri Tree – lead by the One-eyed King – are taking over different wards and killing investigators; leaving a mess all over and attracting bad attention.

We also learn Touka has a brother; Ayato, and he shows up to capture Rize or “whoever smells like Rize.” I’m pretty sure this organ transplant thing isn’t new and people know more about it than Ken believes.

Ken gets captured and tries to escape and fails hard. It was cool to see more of Ken fighting but man, are the Aogiri Tree so OP right now. I almost hope the Investigators kill them all so they stop posturing. I’m sure most of them won’t make it passed volume 7 and I’m not sad about that.

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Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 5 by Sui Ishida

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Falling victim to The Gourmet’s twisted tastes, Ken and Touka pull together to save fellow Ghoul, Nishio, and his human girlfriend, Kimi. Meanwhile, Ghoul Investigators are dropping dead and both sides are upping the ante with more dangerous fighters who will probably cause more trouble than they’re worth.

We also get some backstory on Rize and it’s possible her death was not an accident. Her feeding was out of control and attracting all the wrong attention. I’m not surprised she isn’t missed by many.

Watching Ken and Touka get creative with using their powers was the most interesting part of this volume. Using the fact Ken is a half breed as an advantage to Touka’s powers was ingenious. More of that please!

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