Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 8 by Sui Ishida

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Now free of his tormentor, Ken faces off against the Aogiri Tree and ends up in a one on one showdown with Touka’s brother, Ayato. With Ayato back in focus, we get more backstory on his and Touka’s childhood and how the pair came to be so different.

In general, I think this series shines most when we’re dealing directly with the Ghouls. I’m probably missing plot points but I find myself skimming though the parts with the Investigators. They are just not as interesting to me.

After escaping, Ken decides to go off on his own because he’s determined to get stronger. I’m intrigued to see how exactly he’s going to do that. Will we see all of it or will Ishida just cut back to months or years later to when Ken returns and he’s all super?

I do have the anime on standby and I’m tempted to cheat and watch passed this point but I won’t I’ll be good and wait.

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