Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 6 by Sui Ishida

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The Ghoul Investigators are cracking down on the wards and Ghouls are organizing to take them down. A group of Ghouls called The Aogiri Tree – lead by the One-eyed King – are taking over different wards and killing investigators; leaving a mess all over and attracting bad attention.

We also learn Touka has a brother; Ayato, and he shows up to capture Rize or “whoever smells like Rize.” I’m pretty sure this organ transplant thing isn’t new and people know more about it than Ken believes.

Ken gets captured and tries to escape and fails hard. It was cool to see more of Ken fighting but man, are the Aogiri Tree so OP right now. I almost hope the Investigators kill them all so they stop posturing. I’m sure most of them won’t make it passed volume 7 and I’m not sad about that.

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