Lenni Reviews: “Dark Knight in Disguise, the Prequel (Earthbound Angels .5)” by Sandra Ross

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**I purchased this book for free from Barnes and Noble.

Erick Angell wakes up with no memories of he came to be alone in a room with a stranger who gives him this new name. After disobeying God, his wings are clipped and he’s now human. His punishment is meant to teach him compassion and learn his ‘special calling.’

Something is very basic about this. It’s like a fanfic romance. God banishes Erick Angell (with two l’s; GET IT!!!??) with all the perfect documents and enough money to buy a castle? Hire a decorator? Buy fancy furniture?

Aside for being human, how is this a punishment?

The writing and general story are so generic and boring I have zero interest in what happens to this guy. He gives me some serious Edward Cullen vibes: some rich, perfectly chiseled empty vessel for someone to drape themselves over. I’d hate his personality, but he didn’t have one. I really struggled to find a number for this tiny bit of fluffy nonsense (gods, I sound like a pretentious bitch) but I guess I’ll have to say a 2. Absolutely forgettable and uninspired.

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