Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 7 by Sui Ishida

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The crew at Anteiku mount up and go after Ken; and well shit the Gourmet is back.


And the Investigators are around so the 11th ward becomes a war zone.

But the meat (bad pun) of this volume is Ken. Yikes… Just wow. Left to Yamori’s twisted idea of fun, Ken is tortured for who knows how long until he breaks. Yamori drops the little tidbit that the doctor who implanted Rize’s organs into Ken has done these experiments before and there are more like Ken around but Ken himself is the real star of this volume. He couldn’t really find a place as a human or a Ghoul. No matter what, he’s apart from everyone.

I did wonder how Ken’s transformation into resident badass was going to be framed. Let’s face it; he’s a character in a manga. That transformation is inevitable. I thought they were going to frame it as a bunch of people dying around him and triggering the change. Loss is usually how these things happen but this wasn’t exactly the case: Ken is just put through absolute hell. What is done to him is so painful and barbaric, it turns his hair white.

And they haven’t even escaped yet! That’s in the next volume I guess.

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