Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 12 by Sui Ishida

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This review is spoilery!

The investigators are intent on clearing the 4th Ward no matter how many ‘doves’ they lost to the ghouls. An undefeated Special Investigator Arima leads the charge but the CCG is hiding human/ghoul experiments and puts Anteiku in their crosshairs.

Kaneki has changed a lost as a character and it was nice to have him dial it back from wanting to protect everyone alone and now he’s joining with his friends so they can be stronger together. With such an OP character like Arima coming for them, they’re gonna need every available pair of hands – or kagune -on deck so they don’t get slaughtered.

And well, shit! Rize is back! She’s not her usual sultry, smart-ass self but, she’s around. I’m betting she’ll have some kind of role in the upcoming battle. The timing is just too good to leave her on the sidelines. I give this volume a 4 out of 5.

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