Loot Anime: “Humanity”

  • Black Lagoon coasters and metal box
  • Poster
  • Attack on Titan notepad with cover
  • Attack on Titan Levi figure
  • School Live manga
  • Cell phone charm
  • Poster

And the box turns into one of the houses from Attack in Titan; which is pretty cool but I try not to keep the boxes for clutter reasons. But coaster and box are awesome, the figure is cute, but can we talk about that AWESOME notepad?! The ‘leather’ holder has the same emblem engraved on it and a clip on the back to hook it to whatever. I can see putting it on my belt or the strap to a messenger bag. It comes with a flat pencil; which may be a pain to sharpen but it meshes with the design of the case. Maybe a flat styled pen with widely available refills would have been just as good but that’s more of a nitpick than a criticism.

I am glad to be getting some stationary stuff because I always suggest them when I take the customer surveys. I would love exclusive journal designs and such because I obviously have a sickness that can only be cured by more books. 😉

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